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How it works

RedCritter focuses on positive reinforcement to make classroom learning more engaging and interactive. When you create your student profile and join your teacher's class you can earn achievements for your learning activities. Teachers can give out badges, skill points, virtual currency to spend in your class and more!

Learn what RedCritter means for parents and how to create a student profile using your classroom invitation code.
Running time 2 minutes
Created 12/9/2014

Badges you can earn

Every class is different but most teachers give out these badges.

Another Go
Beyond Expectations
Challenge Accepted
Good Job
Great Job
Hard Work

Profile privacy

Sign in here anytime to see your achievements. Student profiles are private by default, only your teacher will see your details unless you choose to share with others. You can add your real school photo for your profile picture or any other image you would like.

Data privacy

We never sell your profile data or display ads from 3rd parties. Only you, those you choose to share with and your teacher and school have access to your data.

Free forever

Student profiles are always free!
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