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Trust Center

Trust Center

With RedCritter, your information is always safe and secure.

COPPA compliance

RedCritter Corp. (RedCritter) is a Member of the PRIVO’s PRIVO-Cert™ Safe Harbor Certification Program (“the Program”). As a participating member in the Program, RedCritter adheres to the strict information collection, use and disclosure requirements set forth by the Program. PRIVO is an independent, third-party organization committed to safeguarding children's personal information collected online. PRIVO aims to help parents and their children exercise control over personal information while exploring the Internet. The PRIVO certification seal posted on this page indicates that RedCritter has established COPPA compliant privacy practices and has agreed to submit to PRIVO’s oversight and consumer dispute resolution process. If you have questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please contact us at 214-810-9950 or If you have further concerns after you have contacted us, you can contact PRIVO directly at
"A clear and transparent privacy policy is essential to build trust with parents, teachers, and students."
Jules Polonetsky, Executive Director/Co-chair of Future of Privacy Forum

Privacy by design

Age restrictions

Students under 13 years old have limited access to the social features of RedCritter profiles

Privacy controls

By default, student profiles are private and are only viewable by parents, students and teachers

No ads

RedCritter will never show ads or sell your data

"I love that I'm always in control of my child’s RedCritter profile."
James, a parent in Dallas

You own your own data


Teachers have complete control over all achievement and behavioral data created within their classrooms


Parents can subscribe to daily and weekly updates, and have full control over their child's profile and achievement data


Students can customize the look and feel of their profiles and have full control over their own achievement data

"RedCritter is fully committed to keeping your data safe and secure."
Mike, RedCritter CEO

Enterprise-grade security standards

Multi-tiered security

The RedCritter achievements platform supports multiple layers of access with a permission-based administration model

SSL encryption

RedCritter uses the most advanced SSL encryption technology across its entire achievements platform

COPPA compliance

RedCritter is in full compliance with the FTC in relation to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

Additional Resources

COPPA documentation

RedCritter Teacher is COPPA compliant and complies with most international privacy standards

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White paper

Encouragement and recognition of effort increases achievement in the classroom

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Feature overview

RedCritter Teacher is the most advanced classroom management solution in the industry

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